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At Agurate, everything we do helps farmers optimize the value chain from soil to market

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Home: Farm intelligence - AI/ML and analytics

We build software to help those who work from the early hours of dawn until well past dusk to bring food to our plates. This is achieved by leveraging the power of AI in the farm - using convolution neural networks in fruit counting for more accurate yield estimations, early disease detection on plant leaves and recommendations to optimise the farmers’ business decisions.

Home: Soil testing and health scores

Soil tests are used to determine the soil's nutrient level and pH content. Soil profiles contain basic details of farmers e.g. Name, Address, Land Details, Current crop details, Land Coordinates with recommendations on which crop which will best suit soil conditions .


The farmers can receive updates and advice on feature or smartphones.

What We Do

Farm intelligence - AI/ML and analytics
Soil testing and health scores
Home: Seed nutrition and protection (crop database)

We have created a proprietary unified crop database to monitor and manage both seed nutrition and protection.


The areas we cover include disease, weed and pest monitoring to enable strategies for effective control and management This is achieved through field surveys, experiments and overall assessment of cultural techniques within the crop lifecycle. The next stage leads to identification of effective testing techniques using foliar and seed treatments whilst also considering potential utilisation of new products and ingredients to increase overall protection.


Maximising crop performance, productivity and therefore profitability means having the correct nutrition. By measuring and monitoring soil and crop nutrient levels it is possible to identify certain levels and thresholds for treatment which in turn allows determination of crop yield and quality responses to fertiliser application, timing or dose. Nutrient and fertiliser management strategies to optimise crop growth, yield and quality can be allied to evaluation and utilisation of fertiliser products or crop nutrient treatments.

Seed nutrition and protection 

Farmers are increasingly looking to digital and analytics technologies as a way of creating value by applying new business models and product offerings to the often complex supply chain in agriculture. By capturing and transforming data, those involved in the process are effectively digitising their physical supply chain which allows the possibility to run optimised modelling and simulations so that major benefits and a competitive advantage can be realised through the supply chain.


Our powerful data and analytics tools unlock this potential by reducing the need for costly intermediaries and ensuring that farmers can benefit from the true value of their crops by simplifying the overall process and helping to identify in-demand produce both at a local and international level.

Home: Tech enable the agriculture supply chain
Tech enable the agriculture supply chain

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